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    Besides our accessories, all NatriGlo cosmetics are produced locally; right here in the heart of Yorkshire, England.

    NatriGlo products are not tested on animals at any point in the production stages of our quality products nor afterwards.

    At NatriGlo, we settle for nothing less than producing the finest quality organic products locally, with our customer’s needs as our top priority.

    All NatriGlo products are gluten free.

    On each of our products, there is a small symbol that looks like a jar with an open lid, displayed on the back that provides a guideline of how long each product is recommended to be used for once opened.

    Yes we do wholesale. Please contact us with your business information and inquiry details on the contact us form provided in this page.

    Our products have all been safety tested  through a CPSR Test (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) which is a safety testing requirement to sell cosmetics within the UK and EU. In general they are safe but if you have sensitive skin, always patch test on your skin before fully applying.

    Our products are fragranced naturally! There is no ‘parfum’ in our blends which in mainstream skincare is generally what irritates sensitive skin.

    Generally, there is no evidence to state that our products are not safe to use during pregnancy. We use all natural ingredients making our products suitable for all skin types. However, we do always advise that you seek medical advice, if you have concerns.

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